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everyone's financial situation is different...

It’s not uncommon for career aspirations to be brushed off as just that – an aspiration at best.


We often daydream about what could be and subsequently convince ourselves that we must come to terms with what is. These limiting beliefs are generally born out of anxiety in being out of touch and with not knowing where to start when chasing down a new dream.


Here’s where we come in to assist. We will initially gauge your interests and develop a career strategy accordingly, followed by intensive research into the standards and expectations surrounding your future professional field.


Together, we’ll build several resumes and cover letter templates geared toward your needs, and you’ll participate in our mock interviews where topical questions and scenarios will be posed. We’ll discuss skill building, salary negotiations, upward mobility and any other subjects in the realm of your professional development. You’ll walk away knowing how to remain competitive in the job market and how to make yourself indispensable in your new role. 

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