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I’m not a numbers person in the traditional sense – you won’t find me calculating math solutions in my head or getting giddy over spreadsheets. In fact, my broader formal education to date has been in the realm of communication and human behavior.


When it comes to maximizing personal finances, I believe in mind over matter. Money mindset is far more powerful than income ever could be.


My professional background is diverse – I’ve worked in financial risk mitigation, property management, and non-profit organizations. I’m a generalist in that I prioritize versatility of skills and experiences. I’ve worked my way up the ladder from part-time entry-level positions to management roles and finally to an executive role, in one case over the course of fewer than two years.



I was born and raised primarily in small-town Montana, the culture of which has largely shaped my values and work ethic. I’ve been inspired by so many members of my family from watching them overcome financial struggles to seeing the life-changing fruits of their immense generosity. I married the love of my life, Adnan, and moved to Colorado where we currently reside. Having lived in various parts of the Rocky Mountains all of my life, I wanted to capture this rugged landscape and the special people that inhabit it into my company, hence how Moving Mountains was born. 
I am passionate about helping people break the chains of generational, cyclical poverty. I also am committed to helping Americans navigate the national medical debt crisis and get their financial freedoms back.
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