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financial tools for life

​​If you sent your kids off into the world on their own today, how would they fare in terms of money management?

Financial coaching for children and young adults is designed to ensure that they would not only survive in such a scenario but thrive! While kids may or may not learn the basic tenets of financial literacy in school, they’re almost certainly not being taught how to practically apply that information.


The statistics speak for themselves: 12.24% of credit card accounts belonging to the Gen Z population were 30 days or more past due in 2019

(CNBC - Average American Debt by Age).

Young people are incurring debt that they can’t pay off at a rapid rate. Their financial futures are at stake in a way that many people of past generations can’t relate to – their share of the national debt is exacerbated by the growing cost-of-living wage gap, increased higher education expenses, diminishing social security, and volatile economic conditions (to name just a handful).


Here at Moving Mountains, we’re going to help your kids tackle these challenges by equipping them with all the right tools. We’ll do a deep dive into topics such as installment and revolving credit, compounding interest, profits and losses, cost/benefit analyses, savings vs. investing, and student loan debt. The intention behind this type of coaching is about incentivizing young people to care about their finances by making these subjects tangible, exciting, and applicable to future generations in the context of their worldviews. This may be accomplished in a one-on-one or group setting.

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