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I had spent much of my life being frustrated that I was working hard and didn’t have anything to show for it. I was living paycheck-to-paycheck being one unexpected car repair or vet bill away from overdraft fees. I had always thought financial professionals were reserved for wealthy investors, but Jess reassured me that I was a perfect fit for financial coaching regardless of my income. She asked me to name an athlete that went pro without goals and coaching, and I couldn’t think of one. The same is true for people that are trying to become financially stable, at least that was my situation. Jess helped me create talking points with my fiancee about our individual financial situations and about how we would merge them after getting married. She and I put together a current budget and ideal budget, then we used her Bridge the Gap strategy to plan for how I’d get from point A to point B. She also encouraged me to pitch a marketing plan to the company I work for that set me up to ask for a raise later on.

Jess believed in me so I could believe in myself.



- JL
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